Three Pink-skinned Brothers and the Wolf

Frosty Vicky
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Once upon a time there was an old pink-skinned mother called Psynnie who gave birth to three awesome kids: Dreally, Weally and Strongy. When they grew up mother decided to let them go so that they would get freedom and equality of opportunity that they barely could get in their hometown. So they left the house to seek their fortunes.

The pink-skinned creatures found a great valley where all the creatures were kind and supportive, and no one called them a pig or a piglet — offensive names that were used by lots of creatures living nearby their mother’s house.

In the valley the brothers were treated with love and kindness and immediately made new friends. Though they came there only with some healthy food and nothing else, their new friends helped them build new houses to live in. Finally pink-skinned creatures had the roofs over their heads.

The valley was adorable, though all the nice colorful houses were the same. There was no diversity, and three brothers led by the eldest one — Strongy — decided to build new houses. Dreally created the house out of beautiful flowers as he loved smelling them in the morning, Weally got a shack made of hay as he had been — his former acquaintances loved calling him lazy — in depression since he was fifteen. He was helped by his brothers, and the shack of hay didn’t look bad actually.

The third brother, the eldest one, was a true go-getter. He constructed a house out of sturdy stone so that nobody wouldn’t break into it without permission. He knew how to build big safe walls that could protect him from unwanted guests.

The valley was really adorable, but one day it stopped being so bright and safe as soon as an angry wolf came there.

He wanted nothing but watching others’ suffer. He wanted to hurt those who are weaker to show his true — whether it was true — self. However, he couldn’t enter the houses. Even the tiniest creatures were strong enough to keep the door shut, as well as the bright walls of the houses were quite sturdy, so the wolf came up with a great, in his humble opinion, idea. Being a talented saxophonist, he started blowing everywhere so that the houses would get destroyed and tasty creatures — absolutely powerless.

The first house that got broken was the house of flowers built by Dreally. The flowers flew away far from the valley leaving only small petals on the grass.

A small little — “you, pathetic piglet!” — was lying on the floor, that hadn’t been blown away yet, and crying.

The second house that suffered was the house made of hay. Weally was doing nothing except for looking at the wolf with lifeless eyes full of emptiness. While the gray-furred creature was bullying the little depressed guy, the eldest brother came up to the wolf and gave him his business card.

“You must’ve had a hard childhood. Call me any time if you want to fix this problem and live a happy life.”

“How dare you, you…”

“Now you’ll call me a pig, a dirty animal loving to swim in the mud and all that stuff, but it’s pointless, isn’t it? You won’t see me suffer. Don’t even try to blow my house away. Be sure, my mental health is strong enough to hold this.”

Surprisingly, the wolf cried immediately.

“I thought it would be easier. Easier to forget how hard it was to play saxophone since I was six and hear bad words about me. They didn’t see a great musician, they saw a wolf, dangerous and scary. The wolf who didn’t deserve acclaim or at least some respect.”

“Society shouldn’t dictate you the rules and tell you who you are. You decide who you are. You should be stronger if you don’t want your mental health to get ruined just like this house of flowers. It should be much stronger, just like my house made of stone. Remember: you can always build it yourself.”