The teaching practice: my little story

Frosty Vicky
3 min readDec 2, 2022


The whole month passed as if it was one day. Now I can say that the practice is over though endless practice papers may question this statement. However, now it’s easier to see the whole picture of this month and share it with you.

Was I scared a month ago? Definitely.

Did my fears turn out to be justified? No.

My experience of being a tutor seemed to me not enough at first: teaching one kid online differs from teaching fifteen children in person. I was nervous, extremely nervous, I was scared as hell, I thought I wouldn’t make it. However, as soon as I entered the classroom all the fears vanished immediately. It was real magic. I guess, the ambiance of a cozy classroom really helped me.

And just in front of me there were fifteen curious twelve-year kids.

I can’t say I don’t like children, no way. But before the start of my practice I was sure that I didn’t love kids as much as Rachel did and I couldn’t get on well with all of them. Surprisingly (or not), I was wrong.

They turned out to be much better than I thought. Nobody killed me during the first day of teaching, no one showed disrespect which was one of my biggest fears.

Yes, they are noisy, they are easily distracted, they are vulnerable and touchy due to their age, but all these difficulties can be coped with and are just nothing in comparison with their real selves that just melted my heart. They are active, easy-going, funny, supportive, good-hearted and extremely cute. It is impossible to be angry with them and it is impossible not to like them. A few weeks seem to be not enough to get closer to anyone, but somehow it has happened.

Now I’m writing this post to share all my positive emotions with you, all my thoughts and all my sadness that I feel now realizing that this amazing part of the practice is over. I will definitely miss these incredibly nice children and according to the words of the kids, they will miss me too.

Just look at some of their feedback! Isn’t it cute? c: