Spring break challenge: Day 2

This day was full of English and I got much done. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you are dedicated to something and inspired. So here is the list of things which made this day more colorful and educative.

  1. Body parts revision

I opened the topic “Human body” on Quizlet, looked through the cards with words and wrote a test. My result is 97%. I made three mistakes, two of them were misprints. Anyway, it was good for my brain as I finally learnt the words I couldn’t remember. Here they are:

palate — нёбо

eyelid — веко

skull — череп

nape — затылок

saliva — слюна

complexion — цвет лица

temple — висок

canine tooth — клык

2. The 13th episode of “Lie to me”

As usual, it was cool and exciting, but I didn’t find any amazing expressions which I’d like to write here.

3. Finishing some “The Phantom Tollbooth” work

To sum up, I’ve spent about four hours (just like yesterday) practicing English.