Spring break challenge: Day 1

He there! Today is Monday ad it’s the first day of my spring challenge. As usual, the point is to live in English in different ways: listening to music, watching films and series, practicing speaking and so on.

Well, today I’ve spent about 4 hours living in English.

I’ve watched the 12th episode of “Lie to me”, which was one of the best that I’ve ever watched in this series for the time being. Cal Lightman is a genious! I was impressed by the main idea of the episode: when at first you think that Lightman got off on the wrong foot and made some fatal mistakes, and then you learn that it was his amazing plan right from the beginning… Incredible.

Here are a few words from the episode:

to be on the loose — быть на свободе

a copycat — подражатель

to screw up — облажаться

zoom in — увеличить, приблизить

eons — вечность

Besides watching weries, I’ve read two chapters of The Phantom Tollbooth and learnt the meaning which the suffix “ful” add to some words, and other cool expressions and words. Some of them I’d like to write here:

No indeed — вовсе нет

There’s nothing to it — ничего страшного/сложного

To scoff — усмехнуться

Weary — уставший, утомленный