My 2022

Frosty Vicky
2 min readDec 30, 2022


It was nice. It was hard. It was cozy. It was uncertain. It was mixed. It was vivid and emotional. It was like a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs. It was my year.

Precious time spent with my family taking as many photos as possible. Going together to a cafe or a movie theater. Having a walk around the park.

Nature, the incredible landscapes of my hometown and the unique atmosphere of NN at night.

Sticking stickers to the door of our room to make it more vivid and original.

Getting some candy from the best PE teacher ever who taught not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a good mood and cheerfulness.

Participating in cool class activities and gathering together with my friendly group.

Eating sushi as a sign of celebrating my birthday that is going to be only in a week.

Crying in an empty room after the graduation of my dear roommate and undoubtedly best friend.

Seeing the actor in person and waiting for a new film with him.

Wisdom teeth extraction. Having a cute hamster cheek and a scary yellow bruise on face.

Reflecting on this year and writing this post.

2022 was definitely hard, but it wasn’t bad. It introduced me to lots of good people, taught me persistence and showed that the obstacles that give lots of anxiety can be overcome. It gave me the moments that are pleasant to remember and the moments which I never want to come back to. It seemed to be quick, but it changed a lot.

Thank you, 2022. Even if the next year is going to be more difficult, I hope I’m ready.

I have only one request. 2023, please, don’t take anyone away from me.