Life is the most difficult exam

Our life is a sheet of paper. It’s white and absolutely clean when we come to this world, and it’s full of ink when we leave this world. There is a lot hidden beyond this ink — highs, lows, losses, mistakes. On some places of this sheet there are dirty spots and strikethrough words, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the sentences which aren’t suitable for your sheet of paper. The sentences copied from other sheets.

It is true. What good for us is bad for others. Decisions which we make are reasonable for us, but the same decisions may be unreasonable for others. We all are different, hence we have different problems, preferences, surroundings. We have different destiny.

So why copy others? What’s the point of acting like others if we’re not in their shoes?

I think the main problem is fear. Fear of taking responsibility for our own actions and decisions, fear of looking different. But we are all different!

However scary and stressful it is, do what you think you need to do, follow your inner voice. Learn from your mistakes, take risks if you think it’s worth it.

Life is the most difficult exam. Cheating on this exam is truly unacceptable, pointless and fatal. We can’t retake it if we fail it.

We have only one sheet of paper.