A Quote from my Pleasure Reading Book

“They have souls that live forever. Even knowing that, they fought so hard to stay alive.”

As our team said on the recent pleasure reading session, according to the book mermaids don’t have souls. Obviously, those “they” who have immortal souls and still fight hard to stay alive are people.

I found this quote interesting and unusual as I haven’t thought about the value of souls in such a way. Here we can see this value from the point of view of mermaids. For mermaids the soul is the most valuable, something that is to be appreciated — that is why some of the mermaids would like to have a soul.

Also this quote made me think about the reason for fighting to stay alive. Even though the soul lives forever, we don’t know what is going to happen to it in years, decades, centuries. Fear of uncertainty is the main reason for holding a vessel, but not a soul.