A Few Words about the Theater

Hi, everyone! Finally we got down to the topic I’ve been waiting for since September, and I’m so excited about it! Even though I’m not as experienced in the sphere of theater as I’d like to, I have something to say anyway.

First of all, I like this art form. The theater has always seemed to be a separate universe full of its own rules and traditions, and each time I sat down in my seat in the auditorium of the theater, I was becoming a part of this small universe. I like to look at sets and props which are different in every play, but always creative and beautiful. I enjoy the music which is played by the orchestra and I always come up to the orchestra pit to see all the musicians and their musical instruments. And of course I adore the actors, the way they play, the way their characters express their emotions and do their best to share their emotions with the audience.

As I said before, I’m not a well-experienced person in terms of the theater. Unfortunately, my high school didn’t organize any trips to the theaters, that’s why I can’t say I go to the theaters often. I’ve visited three plays of different genres so far. I watched a musical “the Flying Ship” when I was fifteen, and this year I have watched ballet “Snowhite” and opera “The Wedding of Figaro”. Obviously, now it’s impossible to decide which genre is my favourite as the opinion based on three plays is unreliable. However, now I know that ballet is not my cup of tea as it’s too difficult for me to understand each detail of the plot, each twist with no words. The language of ballet, the language of the body, movements is not the one I’m good at.

Moreover, my experience showed that opera is not boring at all! “The Wedding of Figaro” made a lasting impression on me. I still remember those amazing sets and props of the play which had changed a few times during the performance, I still remember that excitement when I first heard the voice of one of the actors. How strong and pure their voices were! The cast and the orchestra were a great harmonious ensemble: the music and the voices were just incredible. Another strong point of this opera was the screen with the words and brochure with the shortened plot and the history of making the play. Now I know opera is the genre that is worth appreciating.

Nowadays thanks to Pushkinskaya card I may go to the theaters more often, and I willingly grab at this opportunity: very soon, on the 26th of November, Chris and I are going to a drama play “Father” which will take place in the theater for young spectators. Honestly, I have high hopes for this play as it was the first ticket I have bought using the money from Pushkinskaya card. It was the first play I wanted to watch so bad. I’m looking forward to “Father” as well as I’m looking forward to posting the Medium article to share my story and my emotions with you.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your attention!