Hi, everyone! Finally we got down to the topic I’ve been waiting for since September, and I’m so excited about it! Even though I’m not as experienced in the sphere of theater as I’d like to, I have something to say anyway.

First of all, I like this art form…

Hi, guys! Today I’d like to discuss such a problem as homelessness in RF. Homelessness is quite a controversial topic causing a lot of debates. Usually it is so due to the attitude of people to the homeless. We don’t trust people and think that all of them are alcoholics…

Drug addiction is a serious problem. It’s like a disease which has spread all over the world. Russia is not an exception. Nizhny Novgorod is not an exception.

Like any other disease and any other addiction, drug addiction should be treated. Moreover, it can be treated, if an addict is…

“They have souls that live forever. Even knowing that, they fought so hard to stay alive.”

As our team said on the recent pleasure reading session, according to the book mermaids don’t have souls. Obviously, those “they” who have immortal souls and still fight hard to stay alive are people.

Here are a few words to pre-teach:

rifle unit — стрелковая часть

flamethrower unit — огнеметное подразделение

to give away — проболтаться, выдать

airborne assault — воздушные десант

communication unit — подразделение связи

I think there is no family in Russia which didn’t suffer in World War II times. Each…

The main idea of this sign is that the Internet deprives us of real communication. Yes, we can chat, yes, we can make video calls, but most of the time while using the phone or laptop with the Internet — especially in public places—we seem to be in a cocoon. We don’t see or hear anything from the real world. I’m sure each of us had at least once a situation when he had to ask a person who told him something to repeat what he said.

Keeping in touch is cool. Keeping in touch with the real world is cooller.

And probably people in this cafe/restaurant understand this.

Our life is a sheet of paper. It’s white and absolutely clean when we come to this world, and it’s full of ink when we leave this world. There is a lot hidden beyond this ink — highs, lows, losses, mistakes. On some places of this sheet there are dirty…

The main missions of modern universities are

  1. Science
  2. Education
  3. University and society

The lecture which we’ve listened to today was mostly devoted to the third mission — university and society — as it probably wasn’t as obvious as the previous two.

After watching the lecture and surfing the Internet I can say without any doubts that this mission implies the contribution to the world which should be made by university (by people who study there, to be precise). So students can play a really significant role in development of the city or even the country where they live, they can volunteer and help others and enlarge their opportunities by taking part in significant events and competitions.

So university is not only about science and education, but also — just like Dr. Nikonova thinks — about a life of society, and it’s important to remember that.

Frosty Vicky

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